about me

IMG_1482I’m Lizzy Ten-Hove, currently a graduate student in Classics at Stanford University. I work primarily on the theory and performance of tragedy after the fifth century, but I’m interested encompass ancient drama and its reception more broadly. As much as I love Sophocles and Euripides, I would save Aeschylus’s plays from a burning building. Before I came to Stanford, I wrote a joint thesis in Classics and English at McGill on Seneca and Elizabethan revenge tragedy.

As often as I can get away from my dissertation, I’m an avid viewer of and participant in modern performances of ancient texts. I’m a member of Stanford Classics in Theater (SCIT), and directed their March 2015 production of Aristophanes’ Nerds  as well as its reboot at the 2016 SCS/AIA for the Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance (CAMP). You can read more about my past theatrical work here, along with some thoughts on my current project, a multi-vocal verse translation of Euripides’ Ion.

In my downtime I make things and read vast quantities of historical fiction, old and new. I sometimes enthuse about my favorites on my  blog, where you can also find theater and film reviews, scattered thoughts on research and pedagogy, and general musings on the academic experience.

If you’d like to contact me, you can: